AIA Continuing Education Course

CE Credits • 1H = 1LU|HSW

Solutions for Large Openings in Wind Borne / Coastal Areas

Euro-Wall Systems, the leader in High-Velocity Hurricane Zone opening wall technology, cordially invites you to schedule an AIA breakfast, lunch or dinner seminar entitled “Solutions for Large Openings in Wind Borne / Coastal Areas”. Our local rep will present the information you need in order to confidently incorporate large, structurally sound openings into your designs. This is an opportunity to learn how large operable glass walls can offer a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor; maintain spatial flexibility; maximize the opening; enhance the outdoor view, all the while meeting energy requirements and securing large openings in coastal regions.

Course Description
This seminar provides an overview of large opening glass wall systems, their structurally engineered components and how they provide a perfect solution for large openings in coastal areas for commercial and residential applications. The course focuses on: benefits and applications, types of door systems and door hardware.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define large opening glass wall systems and describe their functional and impact performance benefits.
  2. Discuss how large operable glass wall systems can be used in high-velocity hurricane zones while achieving the maximized opening design.
  3. Explain how certain components and materials contribute to the strength and durability of the frame and overall system.
  4. Summarize door selection and panel configurations and how this helps determine the most appropriate system and application for the project.

AIA CE Enrollment

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