Aluminum Folding Doors

Quality Aluminum Folding Doors

Euro-Wall produce aluminum folding  doors for both residential and commercial large openings.  Euro-Wall aluminum folding  doors are custom built for each individual customer and project which enables Euro-Wall to meet even the most challenging architectural applications. Euro-Wall aluminum folding  doors allow for a seamless transition from the comfort of any room to the beauty of the outside environment. Euro-Wall aluminum folding  doors are offered in many different panel finishes and color options. Euro-Wall  folding  doors are offered in aluminum, aluminum clad, fiberglass and many different wood species.  Euro-Wall offers more panel choices than any other manufacturer, which allows Euro-Wall to meet or exceed thermal requirements for different climates anywhere in the world.  Euro-Wall aluminum folding  doors expand the available options for aluminum folding  door placements, whether new construction, retro-fit, or remodeling of existing structures. Euro-Wall specializes in High Velocity Wind and Hurricane Zones (HVHZ) and coastal packages as well as standard climate options. In addition to our aluminum folding  doors, we also produce sliding doors, and French doors.

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Why Euro-Wall is Superior

Euro-Wall aluminum folding  doors can span further; 56ft wide with unlimited panels.

Euro-Wall offers onsite factory installation assistance to help to insure correct installation of your Euro-Wall door system. Euro-Wall doors open and close with the ease of finger tip operation.

Euro Wall is number one in customer service, when you need us, we are there to respond to your questions about the production, installation or operation of your Euro-Wall door systems.

Euro-Wall products are warranted for 10 years, more than 3 times the industry standard.

Euro-Wall door systems can be configured to allow a single or double active swing  in doors in opposing directions, allowing egress without opening the entire door system.

Euro-Wall door systems can be either top track or bottom track load bearing for different structural load requirements.

Euro-Wall Systems

Euro-Wall Systems