Commercial Folding Doors

Euro-Wall’s commercial folding doors make bold aesthetic and functional statements when it comes to residential and commercial large openings. Whether these accordion glass doors are utilized indoors to create flexibility for how the space can be used or for outdoors to create a seamless transition between two living spaces, it will have an unparalleled impact on people’s experience.

For interior applications, our commercial folding doors provide the ability to separate spaces in a clean and modern fashion when closed. Conversely our folding doors can unite spaces when opened blurring the lines between areas creating large open venues.

For exterior applications a Euro-Wall folding doors truly invites the outside in creating an open living or commercial space. No matter what the opening width of your exterior application is, our accordion doors create seamless transitions and unobstructed views for a truly unique experience.

As you can see, among the vast array of tools and building concepts architects use when designing a project, incorporating large expanses of folding doors can play a key part in creating a connection between the establishment and its surroundings.

Below are just some of the industries and applications that you can use Euro-Wall commercial folding doors for.

  • Restaurant exterior folding doors
  • Office interior sliding doors
  • Storefront folding doors
  • Bar / patio exterior folding doors
  • Exterior bi-folding doors
  • Hurricane rated bi-folding doors
  • Sliding stacking doors
  • Thermally broken aluminum folding doors
  • French doors
  • Lift and slide door systems