Custom Pivot Door Drawing Sample

When submitting a quote to Euro-Wall in regards to a custom Euro Pivot™ please make sure to include a drawing of your customization(s). A sample custom pivot door request drawing can be seen below. The drawing does not need to be to scale or in a formal CAD format. In your drawing, please include the bullet list information below and only provide a checklist of information from the list below that is applicable to your custom request.
NOTE: There are two sides to each panel - panel facing inside and panel facing outside of the pivot swing. When giving us a description of your customization below please notate to us which panel side the customization will go on. Ex: inside pivot face, outside pivot face or both.

Please Make Sure to Include with Your Drawing:

  • Dimensions of customization (width, height & depth)
  • Color / finishes
  • Material
  • Side lites
  • Transoms