Exterior / Interior Wood Folding Doors

Exterior / Interior Wood Folding Doors


Exterior / Interior Wood Folding Doors

Euro-Wall Systems offers a wide variety of options when it comes to wood folding doors. Our wood folding doors have a maximum panel width of 60", a maximum height of 144" and can be produced impact rated for weather challenged climates. Our impact rated wood folding door systems provides a seamless transition to the outside and is specifically designed for coastal and impact regions including Miami/Dade HVHZ zones.

All of our wood folding doors come "RTF" (ready to finish). The three common options include Douglas Fir, Mahogany / Sapele and Oak. However, over 30 custom wood finish options are available for our wood folding doors.

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Impact Rated Wood Folding Doors

Standard Wood Folding Doors

Aluminum Cladding Options

Euro-Wall offers a variety of cladding options to customize your project. Euro-Wall cladding thickness options are DOUBLE THE INDUSTRY STANDARD of .07. Cladding colors available in white, bronze, custom powder coat AAMA 2604 & 2605.

Glazing Options

Glazing options for the Euro Vista Wood™ Impact / Non Impact Rated Wood Folding Door Systems include a wide variety of both laminated and non-laminated glass options (only 1 3/16” IG available in Florida).


Stainless steel (316SS) components with aluminum hinges.

Flushbolt Hardware

Stainless steel (304SS) & aluminum components.

Lever Lock Sets

Available in brushed satin, brass, bronze and stainless steel.

DSD Multi-point Door Locks

Faceplate, latch and hooks are 304SS.

Euro-Wall Systems

Euro-Wall Systems