Folding Door Maintenance

Folding Door Maintenance – Easy and Simple Care Guidelines


Wipe down the visible surfaces with warm soapy water on a soft rag and then rinse off by wiping with a clean damp rag. Application of a thin film of a light machine oil or one of the corrosion preventative sprays mentioned above will help to maintain the original finish of the metal finish. Be careful not to get these compounds on the woodwork itself as they may cause staining.

Hangers, Pivots and Brackets

A light spray application of a corrosion preventative such as CRC Marine 66®, Innox® or WD40®, followed by a light wipe with a dry cloth to remove excess, is recommended to all hangers, pivots and brackets. Exposed surfaces should first be wiped down with warm soapy water and a soft rag, and then rinsed clean before applying preventative

Folding Door Maintenance Frequency

The procedures mentioned above need to be carried out as often as is necessary to prevent deterioration in the installed environment, however we recommend the following minimum frequency of application:

a) General Environments –  Every 6 Months
b) Marine and Commercial Environments – Every 3 Months