Exterior Aluminum Bi-Folding doors by Euro-Wall

Euro-Wall's Exterior Aluminum Bi-Folding Doors come in powder coated finishes for years of uncompromising, lasting service.

Euro Wall Exterior Aluminum Bi-Folding Doors are finished with a 4-coat system formulated to provide excellent performance against weathering in normal environments.  Euro-Wall 's coatings are highly resistant to chalking, chipping, peeling and fading and protect against chemical staining and environmental stresses such as dirt, UV and acid rain.

10 Year Warranty

Euro-Wall offers a complete 10 Year Warranty. Component deletions and/or substitutions are strictly prohibited. Warranty is void if system has missing or substitute products. Please refer to our full warranty for more information, terms & conditions, returns & allowances, claims policy, and other general information.