Featured Project: Crabby’s Dockside at Ft. Pierce


If you are looking for the best food with the best views, Crabby's Dockside is the place to go. Located in the beautiful Sunrise city at Ft. Pierce Inlet and surrounding the Indian River Lagoon. Crabby's Dockside offers a family-friendly atmosphere with varieties of entertainment and menus consisting of seafood, plus beer, wine and cocktails.  Offering two stories of dining where the first floor has an ice cream shop serving up to 24 flavors while the second floor offers both enclosed sitting and open-air dining made possible by Euro-Wall bar top folding doors.

Crabby's Dockside features 9 bar top folding door units, giving their customers unbeatable views. These folding doors gives this space a flexibility to be closed off or open on enjoyable days in the fall, winter and spring days.  Euro-wall folding doors are not only aesthetically pleasing and customizable, but are also Florida product approved and meet the strict Florida building code. These doors have the highest dp rating of any folding door available to provide safety and security for inclement weather prone states like Florida.

To learn more about Euro-wall folding door system visit here for more information.