Folding System: Installation Videos


Video 1
Measuring the Opening

Video 2
Frame Assembly Preparation

Video 3
Connecting Header to Jambs

Video 4
Connecting Sill to Frame

Video 5
Drilling Weepholes

Video 6
Jamb Weatherstripping

Video 7
Header Weatherstripping

Video 8
Sill Weatherstripping

Video 9
Dry Fitting the Frame

Video 10
Sealing the Sill Opening

Video 11
Securing the Sill

Video 12
Securing the Jambs

Video 13
Securing the Header

Video 14
Install Center Wall Pivot Cup

Video 15
Preparing Panel for Installation

Video 16
Moving Panels Properly

Video 17
Install Center Wall Pivot

Video 18
Installing the First Panel

Video 19
Second Panel Install (Pt. 1)

Video 20
Second Panel Install (Pt. 2)

Video 21
Attaching Hinges with Astragal

Video 22
Install Panel Weatherstripping

Video 23
Making Vertical Adjustments

Video 24
Horizontal Adjustments (Pt. 1)

Video 25
Horizontal Adjustments (Pt. 2)

Video 26
Installing Panel Sweeps

Video 27
Install U-Channel Sill Liner