Folding Patio Doors

Euro-Wall folding patio doors have been engineered to withstand  higher positive and negative  wind pressures  than our competitors folding patio doors.  Testing of large and small missile projectiles and thousands of cycles of both positive and negative wind pressures have demonstrated the superiority of Euro-Wall folding patio doors, allowing our panels to be taller and allowing for larger opening applications.

The superiority of Euro-Wall folding patio door panels makes it so that there are virtually no limitations on placement within a structure unlike other manufacturers, which allows greater freedom to design and enjoy your home. If you are interested in adding folding patio doors to your project, Euro-Wall offers folding patio doors in many  different styles and types. Fiberglass, Wood, Aluminum and Aluminum Clad are just some of the many choices that  meet the stringent design pressures requirements set forth by Euro-Wall engineering team.  Euro-Wall folding patio doors supersede all code requirements of the Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade Code HVHZ test protocols which are the toughest in the world.


Why  Folding Patio Doors by Euro-Wall are Superior

Euro-Wall folding patio doors can span further; no limit on width with unlimited panels.

Euro-Wall offers onsite factory installation assistance to help to insure correct installation of your Euro-Wall folding patio doors. Euro-Wall folding patio doors open and close with the ease of finger tip operation.

Euro Wall is number one in customer service, when you need us, we are there to respond to your questions about the production, installation or operation of your Euro-Wall folding patio doors.

Euro-Wall folding patio doors  are warranted for 10 years, more than 3 times the industry standard.

Euro-Wall folding patio doors can be configured to allow a single or double active swing  in doors in opposing directions, allowing egress without opening the entire door system.

Euro-Wall folding patio doors can be either top track or bottom track load bearing for different structural load requirements.