Glass Bi-Folding Door Hardware

The glass bi-folding door hardware system that moves the Euro-Wall glass bi-folding door system is as important as the glass bi-folding door panels themselves. Euro-Wall standard hinges are capable of loads that double the capacity of other manufacturers of glass bi-folding door systems which allows more design freedom. Euro-Wall hinge and track systems are more reliable, durable, weatherproof and offer years of finger tip operation making the Euro-Wall glass bi-folding door system superior by design. For large panel and commercial applications Euro-Wall glass bi-folding door hardware offers load capabilities up to 350 lbs per panel, almost 5 times that of other glass bi-folding door manufacturers.

One moment the Euro-Wall glass bi-folding door system is acting as an effective, secure barrier from rain, wind and noise. The next they’re effortlessly moved aside to reveal wide open space – with no fixed glass panels or posts. Euro-Wall's massive weight-bearing capacity hinges sets new standards for functional, stylish ways of bringing the outdoors in. Possible applications for Euro-Wall glass bi-folding door systems range are limited only by the imaginations of the world’s most progressive architects and designers.

Engineered to withstand the most severe weather, Euro-Wall is just as suited to interior use where the ability to visually and physically connect spaces can be equally beneficial and the sound-proofing effect of double-glazing just as important. The benefits to the end-user in flexibly managing interior or exterior space to suit lifestyle or business are literally changing the face of contemporary building design.