Hurricane Doors

Hurricane Doors


Hurricane Doors - Form Meets Function

The Atlantic hurricane season begins in late May and ends at the end of the month in November. On average, 10.1 named storms occur each season, with an average of 5.9 becoming hurricanes and 2.5 becoming major hurricanes (Category 3 or greater) [Source:]. This trend of named storms and major hurricanes is increasing year after year as does the demand for hurricane doors. Names like Irma, Charlie, Ivan, Dorian, Andrew and Katrina all have a different connotation for many areas that have been impacted by these named storms.

With the increased frequency of these major storms, the implementation of impact rated doors is not only an investment in your home, but a measure to protect your property, possessions and loved ones. The problem with impact rated doors in the past is that they were limited in options. They could only be manufactured to certain heights (typically 8’ or less), certain widths and were restrictive in configuration options. The function was there but the aesthetic form was missing. These restrictions for impact rated doors existed because these doors need to pass stringent Florida Building Codes in order to be used in hurricane zones. Time, money and engineering capabilities were all limiting factors that contributed to the limited selection in hurricane doors.

Euro-Wall is a Florida based manufacturer that was founded to provide new fenestration solutions for impact rated large openings. Euro-Wall invested the time, money and engineering capabilities to push the bounds of what could be produced in impact rated doors while meeting the Florida Product Approval building codes. At Euro-Wall we offer 12’ tall hurricane folding doors, 12’ hurricane sliding doors and 12’ hurricane pivot doors. These heights are nearly 2’ taller than the nearest competitor. Euro-Wall also offers the highest glass to metal ratio for impact doors in the market. This equates to the largest uninterrupted views available in impact areas.

Another area where Euro-Wall shines is when it comes to flexible configurations. Euro-Wall folding doors can be configured as a postless corner units, straight units, segmented units or radius units - all Florida Product Approved. Additionally, our sliding door hurricane doors can be configured to be postless corner units as well - again all hurricane rated and Florida Product Approved.

In summary, impact rated doors have been around for nearly two decades some time but the flexibility to go larger, wider with more configurations has just recently been available thanks to companies like us. For your next commercial or residential project don’t just settle for any hurricane door - look to Euro-Wall to help provide you with the impact rated door that meets all your requirements.