Impact Rated Bi-Folding Doors

Impact Rated Bi-Folding Doors


Impact Rated Bi-Folding Doors

Euro-Wall produces the largest variety of impact rated bi-folding doors. Euro-Wall offers eight different types of wood and wood / aluminum clad impact rated bi-folding doors in addition to a full aluminum impact rated folding door. Euro-Wall has tested its impact rated bi-folding door systems to the highest testing standards in the world. All of Euro-Wall's impact rated folding door systems have passed TAS 201, TAS 202,and TAS 203 impact testing using large missile testing protocols. Euro-Wall impact rated bi-folding doors have the widest and the tallest approved panels for our impact rated folding door system; allowing for greater design and building  creativity. Euro-Wall impact rated folding door systems have achieved up to 100+/-100 dp's confirming that you don't have to sacrifice form over function and safety. Euro-Wall simply the best choose for impact rated folding doors.

Impact Rated Bi-Folding Doors and Non-Impact Bi-Folding Doors Options Below

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