Quality Control


Euro-Wall Systems Quality Control

QC Issues That May Cause Delays For Your Order


We purchase glass from all of the national producers and from regional and specialized fabricators as well. The entire glass industry is reeling from over capacity due to the demand of this 9 year bull market. What that means for us is that we routinely reject poorly fabricated glass. We reject glass from Old Castle, Cardinal, Trulite, Rochester Glass and many others routinely. The Florida market producers are especially troubled. Lead times have tripled and quality is strained. These are the factors that combine to make it increasingly difficult for manufacturers to maintain quality.

Custom Color and Black

When a customer requests that we coat the order with a special coating we send the material out to be coated. Sometimes it is a wet Kynar coat and sometimes it is a dry coat or powder coat. Euro-Wall is the only company I know of that demands the highest rated AAMA 2605 finish as its standard finish. The difference between a 2603 and a 2605 finish can be a guarantee of 20 years as opposed to 5 years or 1 year.  Secondly, we often send 20% of extra metal to be coated with the order to insure that if there are pieces where the coat is not even, or if there are bubbles, stains, marks etc then we can use the extra pieces as not to effect the on time delivery of the product to the customer. More increasingly we are seeing that many of the vendors both local and regionally are suffering from an ever increasingly rate of errors and lack of quality control.  We have had to send material back to powder coaters and finishers so many times that we have had to re cut new metal because we need to make sure the finish is with thickness specs. This can and often cause a delay in the delivery of the final finished and QC'ed product.

We will not lower our standards just to make an order "on time". We will continue to demand high standards from our suppliers and accept no glass or coated metal that does not meet our Quality Control standards.