Minnesota Interior Folding Doors

The grand Euro Pivot™ door is a must have for an impressionable front door. Panel sizes up to 14’ tall and 8’ wide, make it the largest impact rated pivot doors on the market. Despite the large size and weight, the door glides effortlessly with a push of the finger inside of the dustless pivot cups. The pivot door swings on a top and bottom pivot instead of the usual hinges at the edge of the panel. The top hung panel uses a solid aluminum block for increased header strength. Every pivot door provides a unique breathtaking entrance. The Euro Pivot™ is an unparalleled impact rated door option and is an exceptional choice for any commercial or residential application.

Where the pivot door truly shines is in the vast customization options. Matching transoms, custom cladding, SDL’s, midrails, privacy glass and much more. Euro-Wall uses an AMAA 2605 finish as the standard option which include white, clear anodized, bronze, black. If stock colors don’t fit the project's needs, wood clad, faux wood grain and custom powder coat finishes are available. Multi point and ladder pull handles are also customizable for these doors. Euro-Wall offers 25 different multi point handle options and ladder pull handles can be customized in a variety of finishes and lengths from 1' to 8' tall.  

To learn more about the project, visit our pivot product page.