Slide Glass Doors

Slide Glass Doors

Slide Glass Door by Euro-Wall Systems

Not Your Ordinary Slide Glass Doors

Euro-Wall's slide glass doors are shifting the way that commercial and residential opening projects are planned. Euro-Wall is a fenestration company located in Florida catering to the Florida market. Euro-Wall was founded with the purose to fill the holes in the Florida window and door market when it comes to large openings. Any exterior opening in Florida must meet the Florida Product Approval and be HVHZ approved if used in the Miami-Dade / Broward County areas. These building requirements for exterior openings ensure that windows and doors in Florida are built stronger and safer in order to protect people and property from hurricane force winds that are common in Florida and the surrounding coastal areas. Because there are such stringent requirements for exterior doors and windows, opening sizes and panel sizes were limited due to the financial and engineering costs incorporated for testing and approval.

Enter Euro-Wall Systems. Euro-Wall saw the need for larger panel sizes and larger opening capabilities and invested the time and energy to create door systems that exceed any previous limitations set within the industry. Euro-Wall Systems to date can offer slide glass door panels that can be built to code up to 10' tall and 8' wide making them the largest slide glass doors on the market. Additionally, the sliding doors offered by Euro-Wall boast the smallest interlock profiles around at less than 1". This slim sightline provides maximum uninterrupted views with the largest glass to metal ratio as well.

Going bigger is great, but Euro-Wall doesn't stop there. Euro-Wall uses an AAMA 2605 coating - which is the best coating available to the market. The majority of other door companies offer AAMA 2605 as an upgrade, not as a standard offering.

Why Should You Care?

Because Euro-Wall Systems can offer sliding glass doors that are larger and provide more uninterrupted views than any other fenestration company architects, builders, glazing companies and homeowners are provided more flexibility when planning their project. So next time you are considering slide glass doors for your project, consider Euro-Wall Systems as your flexible solution. Learn more about our Multi Slide sliding doors or contact us today for a direct quote.

In a Nutshell