Submittal Drawing Agreement

1. This Quote contains Euro-Wall’s quotation for products based on information, input and specifications provided by you the prospective buyer. The quoted price is valid only for the product details listed and for a time period of 30 days from the date of the quote. The product details listed are based on Euro-Wall’s standard products and may not conform to project specifications in terms of requirements and/or product performance required by local building codes. Euro-Wall cannot take the responsibility to and will not review any plans and/or specifications in detail nor can it ensure that any of its products will meet the project
requirements or local/regional/national building codes. Please review this quotation carefully and ensure all product details are accurate and correct. It is your responsibility to make sure all product details described in this Quote are appropriate for your project. For further information or assistance on product details selection, please consult Euro-Wall’s literature, web site or your Euro-Wall Project Consultant. If any changes or corrections to the information contained in the Quote are needed, please let Euro-Wall know and Euro-Wall will submit a revised Quote.

2. If this Quote is acceptable, please sign and date all portions of this quote which will govern and control Euro-Wall’s sale of products to you. This quote is expressly made subject to Euro-Wall’s terms and conditions of sale. Euro-Wall will process orders for production only after Euro-Wall’s receipt of 50% of the total amount of this quote (NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT), signed copies of this quote and signed approval of any and all Euro-Wall product drawings. The balance of payment is cash prior to delivery. No orders can be canceled after the receipt of the deposit and/or signed quote or any other order document. If freight is indicated in the quote amount, it will be charged to the Buyer using Euro-Wall’s standard shipping procedure unless specified otherwise. If the freight is not included in the quote, then either Euro-Wall or the buyer may arrange shipping. If the location is not easily accessible by common carrier, then shipment will be made only to the nearest freight terminal. Delivery is to curbside only. Buyer will be responsible for unloading the product from the delivery truck. After written approval of this quote and receipt of 50% payment of the total amount in the quote, the order will be processed and estimated delivery time shall commence.

3. Any and all transactions with Euro-Wall Systems LLC are bound by the laws of the State of Florida, U.S.A. Any claims against Euro-Wall Systems LLC must be filed in the State of Florida. Buyer acknowledges and waives the right to file a claim in any other jurisdiction other than the State of Florida. Buyer specifically agrees to this venue and jurisdiction clause by paying the deposit, and buyer agrees that the State of Florida has jurisdiction in all aspects of this transaction.

4. Expected Lead Times are subject to variables including but not limited to the production process, shipping, transit, and logistics of Euro-Wall Systems LL C products. Euro-Wall Systems LL C makes every effort insure on time delivery but is not liable for delays that are beyond our control. Please note that this Euro-Wall Order is final and complete, once ordered and payment has been received this order cannot be cancelled or changed. Please make sure that your order is true and correct. All product orders are defined by this document and not any other document or communication whether by voice, phone, email or any other form of transmission. All orders are custom orders, therefore cannot be changed without accruing an additional cost to be determined by Euro-Wall Systems LL C. All orders are non-refundable. Please make sure that you have verified this order before signing and sending payment. All door orders and panel configurations are defined by an outside to inside view. (e.g.: 4L 3R Outswing, would mean that viewed from the outside there would be four panels that stack to the left and 3 panels that stack to the right and that the panels would stack on the outside of the room or building).