Impact / Non-Impact Rated Thermally Broken Euro Vista Fixed Unit™

Fixed units are a great way to add more light in and / or to enhance the aesthetic of your door. Fixed units can be fabricated as stand alone windows or to match any Euro-Wall folding or pivot door system. Aluminum fixed units are available as impact rated Florida Product Approved for severe weather regions or non-impact rated for temperate climates. Wood fixed units are non-impact only. The Euro Vista Fixed Unit™ can be tailor made to fit your needs.

Fixed Unit Highlights

  • Thermally broken
  • Available in aluminum, aluminum with wood clad or wood
  • Available as non-impact or impact rated Florida Product Approved
  • Custom powder coat finishes available
  • Built to match the style / finish of your application
  • Built to match or accent Euro Pivot™ and Euro Vista Folding door systems
  • 60+/- DP rating for aluminum impact and non-impact transoms
  • Optional simulated divided lites available

Fixed Unit Configurations

Just a Few Popular Samples

Euro Vista Fixed Units™ can be adjoined with door systems as sidelights, transoms, a combination of both or may be used singularly by themselves as a fixed separate or adjoining units. There are no limitations to the number of fixed units you can use providing flexibility to create unique views for any opening.

The accompanying illustration demonstrates just a few examples of some commonly used transom / sidelight configurations.

Muntins & Midrails

Customize your door system panels with configurable muntins and midrails. Our muntins and midrails come in either aluminum or wood - you may download the PDF specs for these options below.


The Euro-Wall mullions (which join fixed unit together and also join fixed units to door systems) are Florida Product Approved. You can view the Approval here - FL Approval 26891.