How Large Openings Contribute to Improved Mental Health

This seminar explains how large openings can help improve health and their structurally engineered components. The course focuses on: benefits and applications, types of door systems, and door hardware and testing.

This course is based on a study published on 1984 in The American Association for the Advancement of Science. The study showed patients who had large windows with a view of nature recovered more quickly from surgery than those who did not have access to natural light. They also needed fewer painkillers during recovery.

  • Learning Objective1

    The relation between large openings and the improvement of mental health.

  • Learning Objective2

    Define large opening glass wall systems and describe their functional and impact performance benefits.

  • Learning Objective3

    Explain how certain components and materials contribute to the strength and durability of the frame and overall system.

  • Learning Objective4

    Summarize door selection and panel configurations and how this helps determine the most appropriate system and application for the project.

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